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All load-bearing components are calculated with finite element technology, which has been used for years. They are optimized and designed to be weight-saving. Years of development edge - PALFINGER's ideas are repeatedly copied and many of

solutions developed by PALFINGER become the technical standard in crane construction over the years.

Features & Benefits of

Return Oil Utilization

This feature is a regenerative hydraulic circuit for the extension booms. It speeds up the boom extend and retract functions by up to 30%.

Maintenance-Free Boom Extension System

The use of sliding elements made from special synthetic material, together with the highly dependable KTL painting, means that the operator no longer needs to grease the boom system.

 Emergency Stop Button / Ergonomics Control Lever

Ergonomic control levers and the optional light- ing package provide increased safety and comfort even in poor visibility conditions.

PALTRONIC System (Optional) 

The PALTRONIC 50 is an electronic overload protection system and control all aspects of crane operation. A user friendly display shows the operator the state of the crane and on-board diagnostics can show maintenance and service technicians any problems with the crane, even something as simple as a bronken wire.

Tiltable Stabilizer Plates

All stabilizers come equipped with a stabilizer plate tiltable to 10° on a ball joint. This plate will adjusts to the surface for optimal ground contact. The larger plate also reduces ground pressure.

Linkage System

The linkage system is a special connection between the knuckle boomand main boom which increases the lifting power of the crane in the most important boom positions. The maximum load can be raised vertically. This way greater outreach is achieved with maximum load. (Load curves run vertically on the payload charts).

Single Link Plus
(For high performance model)

SINGLE LINK PLUS mark the further development of the linkage system to the reverse linkage system.
The knuckle boom can extend backwards up to 15°. The crane can perform work in limited spatial conditions e.g. through window openings and doorways. Lifting can still be performed despite obstacles e.g. between ceiling girders. Precise and accurate control due to constant speed.

Spiral Hose Covers

The hydraulic hoses that run from the base frame to the boom system are installed in a robust spiral pipe hose, protecting the hydraulic hoses against damage. Through the installation on the outside, easy maintenance is possible.

The hydraulic knuckle boom crane is PALFINGER's core product.



PALFINGER offers some of the lightest-weight and robust knuckle boom cranes in the industry.  With a broad range of models that cover the entire range of working capacities, you can count on the right knuckle boom crane to match your needs. PALFINGER cranes are fast, efficient, precise and equipped with market leading safety systems, so you can expect high performance in a variety of jobs. 



PALFINGER has developed the proved stability system HPSC further and offers application- oriented additional functions in a modular system. One of the modules of this HPSC-Plus concept is HPSC-Plus LOAD. It reacts to the loading condition of the truck and calculates on the basis of the inclination the maximum load limit suitable for the respective situation.


SRC (Synchronised Rope Control)

The SRC (Synchronised Rope Control) system maintains a constant distance between the pulley head and the hook block. This advantage is particularly valuable in terms of ease of use for the operator, and it also noticeably improves the efficiency of any operation.


RTC (Rope Tension Control) 

The new RTC (Rope Tension Control) system is an automatic rope tensioning device that helps to fold and unfold the crane. This is a further innovation from PALFINGER that will significantly shorten the set-up time.



PALFINGER’s new SLD series offers cranes designed for simple loading tasks with excellent lifting capacity. In terms of the technology, the SLD crane series emphasises a proven high level of quality while its positioning ensures an optimum price-performance ratio. In steel construction, PALFINGER relies on the hexagonal profile. The SLD 1, 3 and 5 models all have different equipment features.



The PC range are compact, light-weight solutions between one and four meter tonnes featuring modern crane technology.  Ideal for mounting on pick-up trucks or light commercial vehicles.  


Maximum reach and flexibility

With the new MFA jib, PALFINGER has increased the maximum reach of the TEC crane series by another 5.5 metres. Above all, the new application from PALFINGER will meet the special requirements for longer reach and greater flexibility from customers in the height logistics industry. The MFA jib can be used to lift loads to previously inaccessible positions and, as a result, perform extraordinary operations.

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