Crane Accessories

The PALFINGER range of equipment includes a multitude of devices and add-ons that considerably expand the scope of applications of the crane. Grippers, rotators, crane forks and much more are available. All accessories from the PALFINGER Equipment Centre are optimized to be added to the PALFINGER truck-mounted crane and are therefore the first choice. Besides an extensive range of standard products, special solutions are also available on request.

Crane with Workman Basket

  • Fiberglass Workman Basket, 8000 kV insulated basket.

  • Used for Tree Trimming, Light changing, Maintenance and Installation Works.

  • Available for both One-man Basket and Two-man Basket. (Depend on Truck and Crane Size.)

  • The basket is designed for Knuckle-boom crane attachment. Palfinger crane with weight leveling basket provides smooth and stable movements to ensure safety.

  • Tiltable basket for ease of cleaning.


  • Operator can control the crane from the workman basket with the Radio Remote Control to increase safety and efficiency.

Brick Stack Grapples
Earth Auger
Lifting Devices
Crane Forks
Bottle Bank Discharge Unit-33
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Other Equipment

PALFINGER EQUIPMENT: Rotator, Orange Peel Grapples, Brick Stack Grapples, Clamshell Buckets, Universal Buckets, Workman-Baskets, Pallet Forks, Manipulators, Barrier Lifter, Augers.

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