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Digger Derricks

Altec offers a wide variety of Digger Derricks with sheave heights ranging from 37 to 105 feet (11.2 to 32.0 meters) and 10-foot load ratings from 3,800 to 49,650 pounds (1,724 to 22,520 kilograms). Altec offers these in numerous unit configurations and mounting locations tailored to meet your needs. From 80’ track mounted derricks down to a 37′ backyard derrick that will fit through a 36″ gate, we have the model and features you’re looking for.

An Altec Digger Derrick is engineered and tested to tackle the most demanding of jobs which is why every Altec Digger Derrick comes standard with a lifetime structural warranty. Combine this rugged versatility with standard safety features like five function hydraulic overload protection, pole guide interlocks, auger and boom stow protection and you have equipment designed for a lifetime of reliable service. When you look at class-leading standard features, unparalleled warranty, nationwide service, and the industries longest list of unit options, you can see why so many of today’s top companies choose Altec for their digger derrick need


CHAINANT EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is an exclusive dealer of Altec in Thailand for over 20 years. We are a reliable partner of both private and government sectors, expecially Electicity Authorities of Thailand  ( MEA, PEA and EGAT ) for over the last 20 years.s.

DM45 Auger (2)
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